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Detox Diet - Simple Steps to Detox your Body

Detox rapidly more and more popular, as many people think, is the best way to implement a fat loss plan. And, if done well, it can be a good way to improve your health and increase your entire body works. But wrong and yet doing the opposite is true. Smart Detox wrong actually executed to weight gain over time, since it slow down your metabolism to a crawl, causing loss of muscle mass. Fortunately, with the right advice, you can get off to a good start.

Here's How you Detox your Body right

1. You start the day with lemon and water. First, to help the process of detoxification from, start the day with a glass of water mixed with lemon slices. Lemon is a natural detoxification and help the internal pH of the body back to where it should be.

This glass of water is a perfect way to cleanse your system.

2. Pending the inclusion of raw vegetables. Then add a wealth of raw vegetables to your diet. Do not cook the nutritious held in the state and also help cleanse the colon.

Note that if you experience extreme swelling while adding this raw vegetables to reduce light as your body adapts to the fiber intake. Add a little more every day, until your body fully customized.

3. Serve lean protein five times a day. Also, make sure that you, these are some lean protein five times a day. This goes a long way toward preventing your metabolism slows down and weakens. Most detoxification do not eat enough protein, so this is an important change that must not be overlooked.

Choose natural, free from proteins such as egg whites, white fish, chicken and wells. These are perfect for this time.

4. Cut cereals, dairy products and nuts. Finally, cut all potential allergens, including cereals, dairy products and nuts. These foods with lots of people, so that they can improve from the image as a whole as you do not feel well and react function.

After the detox for a week, then you can decide whether to add them back a little. Many people find that they to hold much better with them from your diet them permanently.

So there you have some quick tips to detoxify healthy. Do this for 7-10 days and then return to your normal diet.

Although management of the disease can be very difficult, type 2 diabetes is not a condition that should only live. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both their weight and their blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the more you do, the easier it is.

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Arts and Tourism in Florence

Florence with his only vocation for art and tourism 

With millions of visitors who come every year from all over the world to admire its artistic beauty, has once again become one of the cities in Europe, expressed with the most representative one culture for centuries by the excellence of human thought and work. Florence since the Middle Ages, which sought to distinguish itself from other cities in this period, despite the many difficulties of the moment, the people of Florence, in a position to be the perfect place for inspiration to the artists whose work the views of the whole give to establish civilization.

Giotto, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Vasari, and many others have supported by the wealth at that time. Could spend the rulers of Florence rich, gave birth to masterpieces of scale to make this city under the name of Renaissance famous throughout the world.Huge monuments such as the cathedral with its dome which Brunelleschi achieved so revolutionary that it is still being investigated by experts. From the manner in which the dome is able without other support structures are fascinated.
Painting masterpieces as Botticelli's Birth of Venus, a painting now in the Uffizi Gallery, which is the Italian Renaissance paintings as one of the icons, as well as a universal ideal of feminine beauty.

Sculptures immortal as Michelangelo's David, symbolizing the "Expo 2015, which is also a period of transition was apart from being a unique example of sculpture artistic excellence is chosen from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. This value is to be applied in facial expression that Michelangelo David is designed to highlight a particularly expressive face, evidence of a new historic course. The Renaissance, which is to emphasize the power of the spirit serve as a guide, past the medieval concept that just emphasize the physical gesture.

These masterpieces are just some of the delights that can be found in this city

They also have to "World Heritage Site for its high concentration of artistic works that are in the old town has been recognized. This feature allows tourists to admire all these beauties on foot, as if you were in an open air museum. The city of Florence today next to the incredible artistic heritage of the past, it also has an excellent accommodation, although very varied between hotels, bed & breakfast, holiday homes, rooms, etc., can meet the diverse needs of the many tourists to meet in Florence , Apart from these, the city has on its territory a large number of restaurants, taverns, Sandwich, vinaini and local food of various kinds, the daily food and a range of prices.

Travels to Indonesia - Flores

When traveling for an extended period, eg one year, it is almost impossible, in detail all the places you want to visit to plan. When my friend and I were traveling we had a pretty solid idea of ​​all countries, which we planned to travel, but we did not know exactly where we were going when we arrived. Sometimes the decision to a certain place to visit meets slowly and gradually.

Flores in Indonesia is a good example. We had originally intended to operate in Indonesia for 2 weeks. I had never heard of it, Flores before we leave for our trips, let alone I had no intention of going there. Then at some point, in some way, I began to learn about this place called Flores. Then I heard about a particular view or activity that attracts people to the idea taking shape. And when I go to Flores? What is to do? How could I? How long will I need?

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The plan

We have a plan to fly from Bali to the city Maumere on the other side of the island of Flores. From Maumere we would go visit in the village of Moni and Kelimutu volcano (this was the original hook that interests us -. A volcano with three volcanic lakes of different colors at the top) From Moni we continued westward until we arrived the port town of Labuan Bajo in the westernmost part of the island. From here we make our way back to Bali to attend water and in some way to the islands of the Komodo dragon.

Gaps in the plan

What we did not know was how much we from place to place to go while on the island ,; where we sleep, and what are the cost of living and the quality are similar; what the food was like in Flores; and the people speak English. Besides Kelimutu we really had no idea what was there to do and see.

Made with the flow

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and see what happens. And this is what we did in Flores. We knew from looking online, that there come a bus from Maumere to Moni, but because of the time by when the bus left our plane was. So when we arrived at the airport we negotiated with a taxi driver to what. For a price we could get to see Moni We managed to get the price down to half of its original offer, and I felt that it was too good to refuse. We also thought it would give us with to pay for a night in Maumere, just so we catch the bus the next day to save. The taxi driver said later that life Moni but so it was either rejected with an empty car or at least something to do us. He offered us accommodation in Moni, but we told him we wanted something less (although what he has given us not just expensive), and so he took us to the house of his friends, literally across the road - the only road Moni - from his seat.

Moni and Kelimutu volcano

The next morning we woke up at 4:30 and went to Kelimutu, while it was still dark, driven on the back of two motorbikes by locals. We followed the road to the end and went to park and walk the rest of the way, not the locals then. Dusk began to break, as we do. Our way to the summit of the volcano At the top we have analyzed the three lakes and calm waiting for the first glimpse of the sun rising over the horizon.

After we had enough, had up there and were glad that we had taken enough pictures fresh we started to head back. We decided to go back to Moni to live and enjoy the atmosphere and the local environment. It was a long road, but we loved it. From the night before talking to the taxi driver, we knew that it had a bus sometime this morning to take us to the next village. However, none of Moni could say with certainty when the bus was going to happen and so instead we jumped into a taxi and paid a similar to what it would cost the bus price. We went to the next town, and again asked for the time of the next bus to Barjawa. Again, after standing around for awhile are a lot of different times, said the bus we decided to take another taxi. We pretty much knew what the ticket cost so we could have the same price for the taxi to negotiate.


It is a couple of hours to Barjawa. We asked the taxi driver to take us in a guesthouse. But what has brought us to no hot water, so we went looking for an alternative. We found one that we liked, but that did not have hot water. We chose a way that the hot water is not the norm in Flores. At breakfast the next morning we had literally no idea what we wanted to do while in Barjawa or what there was to see. We asked the man working at the front desk if he any idea, and asked us to sit down while he called his friend. Minutes later a boy asked if we wanted to go on a tour of Barjawa and surroundings. He explained the route and quoted a price we thought it reasonable and so, when he called a friend to come with another bike, on the back of the bike we jumped and went for a day trip.

During the day we went to a family, the palm wine, where we climb a palm tree and collect palm juice before they visit made a statement about the type of production.

Then we visited a small traditional village, where the people still have to live on site with their own laws and traditional rituals and special provisions that have been given by the government to continue life in this way. We tried to chew betel. We had seen how people chew them, this stuff was in many parts of Asia all mouth chewers' a deep shade of red, but we had never known what it was. We did not like.

We then went to another traditional village, an even older. This place was really cool and had the look of a tribal settlement from the likes of which I always dreamed of visiting. What I really loved this place, that they (still) not exhausted their culture pandering to tourists and tourist dollars. There were stalls in bad taste and expectations of counseling or hand-out. People just quietly went about their business as a visitor politely took a bit around curiously.

After visiting the village we drove a few kilometers on the side of some natural hot springs. We had the hot springs was "of course", appeared in front of the part of a resort or recreation center, and so did not feel very natural at all. The natural hot springs, which brought us to our guide, but would not have more natural. In the forest you can immediately that she could see not changed or manipulated by human hands in the slightest hidden. We had lunch and then a great afternoon playing in the (very) hot springs we had.

Labuan Bajo (West Flores)

After fun Barjawa, we took a taxi (we gave the idea by bus) to the capital Port Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is relatively close to the islands of Komodo dragons (actually a few dragons still live on a small part of Flores himself) and many captains offer their boats to take people on tours of the islands. Tourism begins to develop as more and more people are discovering this. This is the development of tourism infrastructure, although that does not exist in the rest of Flores, it is becoming increasingly clear in Labuan Bajo. There are nice places to stay, restaurants serving Western dishes and good coffee and there are many travel agencies that are trying to get a few dollars of foreign visitors.

Holiday Luxury Train in India

India is full of wonders and attractions

There are several destinations in India, you during your vacation to explore to make the experience even more exciting. The county is important because of its fascinating impression ethnicity, cultural diversity, prosperity and natural history. These aspects of India are recognized throughout the world. The country is beautiful with these characteristics, they receive from travelers from around the world visit every year decorated. India is a unique destination in terms of tourism. The above factors make it different from other tourist destinations in the world.

The best thing about India is its real history and heritage

The magnificent forts, palaces magnificent vibrant fairs and festivals are the characteristics that make India an actual target. Apart from the fact that India has something for every traveler, known for his best a luxury holiday known. Luxury holidays in India are so unique organized. Luxury in India has a different definition. Luxury holidays in India means a confrontation with the incredible diversity of culture with luxury trains real. The luxury trains are the best way to cross the prosperous cities of India. These royal trains offer a perfect combination of luxury and comfort. They also offer exceptional combination of Indian hospitality with traditional elements of the infrastructure.

Luxury trains are a way in the traveler a real life of Maharaja live. They are treated and served as imperial king of India. These traits are passed to the luxuries of life with the Indian touch real. These trains take passengers on actual stay, where they can live like kings and the incredible country India cross royally. Each coach is fascinating concocted with real embellishments. They are well equipped with world class facilities and infrastructure. Many travelers come to the majestic backdrop of the train. Services superlatives attendant certainly give a sense of recovery as the entire trip.

Vacation in luxury train in India include the fascinating destinations of the country in which travelers may be best in their real. The train seems to be your palace and narrow full of forts and palaces, heritage and architectural wonders seems thy kingdom during your stay. Rajasthan is the best place for exploring the royal heritage and rich history of India. However, there are other objectives to Kaiser, allowing you to explore with these trains India. It can extend its portfolio of travel hiking extension. Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, the Maharajas' Express, Golden Chariot some of the luxury trains in India, the travelers have been made to the actual residence, that could not be forgotten in a position in their lives.

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A Short Trip to Paradise!

At first glance, the city of La Ceiba seems rather ordinary. 

A typical Latin American coastal cities, as has seen his best days in the course of time the capital of the original banana republic 50 years ago. But the days when ships come into port with goods from all over the world and have left with their holds full of bananas and other fruits in the world; when the railways where the primary source of transportation within the department of Atlantida and to the rest of Honduras are a thing of the past. It is no longer a Banana Republic Honduras and La Ceiba, is therefore not the capital of this agricultural republic! The city lies between the Caribbean coast and rugged mountains Nombre de Dios, and affirms its transition from the capital of banana republic, to now have managed ecotourism capital of Honduras.
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In the quest to find out how true this statement on the ecotourism capital of Honduras is really

Did I take the set Cangrejal River Valley. In this way, I'm told, it was built in the past to go bananas over the mountains and in the Aguan Valley, where there are still banana plantations. Today the road is not going as far as the Valley of Aguan, but will take you to what apparently the best destination for adventure and nature La Ceiba, and for that matter, Honduras.

At first, they are quite indifferent; the bridge on the River Cangrejal no river that is particularly unique and attractive show. Following the road, the landscape is not particularly special or, as I go through a part of a district anonymous; However, after a short drive one mile from the junction, the landscape suddenly much more attractive. Although the river is still impressive, the mountains that are part of the National Park Pico Bonito in the form are truly beautiful and inspiring. The journey continues through what is fast an awesome trip, and all had a few miles with one hand, from the center of La Ceiba! Almost like a symphony only building a crescendo, the view is more and more challenging: the lush tropical rainforests on both sides of the river Cangrejal, which now appears as a beautiful clear blue-green river, the size of the rocks flowing through huge building , creating the perfect backdrop for white water rafting and kayaking ... Maybe this really is only a short drive to paradise! As I continued down the street, they are pleasantly surprised that up to 10 different B & Bs, hotels and boutique B & B in 6 or 7 miles from the center of La Ceiba! A beautiful "Indiana Jones" style suspension bridge leads me through a span of 400 feet above the river Cangrejal in a tropical forest full of trails in the direction of a spectacular 200-foot waterfall crashing on the cliffs of Pico Bonito Park on the way to the river Cangrejal far below, I am impressed by its beauty! I threw all doubts about La Ceiba, where the ecotourism capital of Honduras. Heck, this should be the capital of ecotourism in Central America! I never thought I could do a short drive to a paradise really find it! It 'time to find the ideal Boutique Bed & Breakfast, a couple of days to explore this unique paradise!

My plan was to the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila that are close by to visit, but you can expect, because now is the time to enjoy the rainforest, relax in nature, and have some hiking and rafting adventure!

Dambulla Cave Temple

Sri Lanka is an important Buddhist center. 

The pear-shaped island claiming to be a home to several holy places of Buddhist pilgrimage. An important Buddhist center is attraction dominant Buddhist Sri Lanka in the "Temple of the Tooth. The island is a starting point to discover the fantastic journey of redemption. Lives some glorious Buddhist sites with different temples along the coast., The temples reflect, however, the Buddhist influence . These sites not only to the importance of tourism in the country, but also add beauty to the brightness of the surroundings. It is a place where you can rest amidst the natural environment of the primary Buddhist sites to experience. With such importance that an ideal place , claiming to be to achieve the inner happiness and peaceful mind. The island is among the list of those enchanting destinations in the world, home to the spiritual aura. Cerne is the person of the modern chaos and has some adventure in the natural splendor.

Dambulla cave temple is the most important goal of the island

Which contributes significantly to its tourism. There are several temples on the island that are unique in their own individual way, but the Golden Temple is unique. It is a place where people take comfort in the pious atmosphere. The people to awaken their spirituality here, to make them more courage to the challenges of life and show off a positive life. E 'was 22 centuries, the temple is an important Buddhist pilgrimage town standing as well as Hindus. The temple dates from the first century and has since served as a center of pilgrimage for tourists as well as locals.

The temple complex covers a cave monastery, which is believed to be the abode of the Buddhist monks. The cave is elegantly decorated with fascinating frescoes dating back 2000 years covered and the life and times of Buddha. The temple sanctuary is decorated with over 157 Buddha statues in size and provides several variables. Among all the statues, is the most fascinating of 15m reclining Buddha that looks perfectly against the colorful frescoes on the walls and the ceiling, so this is. The largest painted area of ​​the ancient world And "there is about 100 m above the plane and it can be prepared by one step in a series of steps to achieve. You may also find the rock fortress of Sigiriya top of the steps.

Fiji Bula Spirit

Two weeks of Fiji Bula spirit had left his impression on me in the year 1999th

Now, with a baby in tow, there was reason to Bua 3 Party was long tied to an unforgettable week, before Christmas, family holiday. Even so, this was new territory.

For this trip, unlike my first to figure it out as we went and backpacker accommodation in a thatched hut basic (Bure) was not going to cut it. We had to meet the needs of a child 9 months now with services such as a crib, a simple kitchen and, at least, a fan in the top of our wish list factor.

Some work would be required, after much careful research and calls online from Bec, was finally settled. We would be only 4 km from Nadi International Airport to Club Fiji Resort.

Now we just need to get there, I said, secretly for fear of the great unknown to have to fly with a child. But a combination of bottle feeding at the right time and a small dose of Phenergan made our initial fears of equalization problems and the possible whims of a point mute and Kaia its first test with flying colors. If just browsing through customs and immigration glacier movement line in Nadi it could have shown the easy half.

But in the end, we would have, and you will find our driver patiently waiting for us to chauffeur us to our home for the next week. All located within a few hundred meters from the main road of the island along a dirt road in bad need of a classification, we were to find happy manicured Club Fiji, directly on the sea and palm fringed oasis like the pictures on TripAdvisor portrays Advisor.

Everything you needed was a selection of our march and, in less time than it takes to make a cup full of kava and clap three times, we were settled quickly. For our daily routine of a delicious breakfast, the time, the water, nap on the shore Father, walks along the beach, traveling bus tour buses local pool and lots of happy hour before dinner. All interspersed, of course, with feedings for Kaia and especially the achievement endless supply of Kaia bottles for the next series of power supplies cooked by a staff member, in particular, he could not do enough for us.

Smile Annie was as big as it was genuine and has taken and doted on them a special interest Kaia every morning at breakfast with hugs and kisses and presses on the cheek and, like Dad, which parts more. There is a degree of kindness and affection that we would follow all of our time in Fiji, as if we put on a fast ferry to the South Seas island in attack, to spend Christmas, no longer.

I worked in the tourism industry long enough to know that, no matter how unique and exotic your office, there are times when it's still just that-a job. Especially on major holidays when, to be honest, as with friends and family would be your first choice. E 'in these times in which keep the sincere smile on the spot is tougher.

But apparently did not get the crew here at South Seas island that memo. "My family all get together in the afternoon", a shirt decorated Bula dependent island assured me with a big smile, he suggested nonchalantly like exactly where he was, thank you very much.

And why not? Actually, he did not get more perfect postcard of the stack Minute coral punch their time cards are available in the middle of a turquoise South Pacific. It's just a job "" very well been his, "but it was the one who definitely seemed to relish, and it was an attitude that of most of his colleagues and one that helped the benchmark hospitality to another level divided.

Finally, Fiji with Kaia has up to the fact that traveling with a small child has raised its own unique set of rewards. Awards in the form of a policy of "open heart", make the trip worthwhile with respect to the unimaginable parenterally mackerel.
But then, I should have known better been there once before. It is spirit Bula for a reason.

And this spirit, along with Kaia the way, probably spoiled me ... although, I'd be lying if I did not admit that we intend to test the theory.

On the surface with small children will overcome a mountain of obstacles. But sometimes, especially when the Fiji Bula spirit is a part of the image, such trips open your eyes to a different world to travel entertainment.