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Apartements For Sale In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the oldest settlements in the world. 

The history dates back to 7000 BC In recent archaeological investigations, artifacts from the Neolithic belong, or a phrase not academically Neolithic, they found. The history of this region goes way back from the modern history. Istanbul has at least 9,000 years of human settlement and what it is; It has more than 9000 years of life experience.

Later, the Roman Empire was taking control of the city and Constantine the Great nominated Istanbul as a city of seven hills. This famous name Istanbul was given because of the model of Rome, which is built on seven hills. A lot of people in Istanbul were incorrect on the seven hills. It is a huge city and does not have geographic education flat so there are a lot of hills in Istanbul. But the famous seven hills are found only in the area called the historical peninsula. The peninsula is covered the walls of Constantinople Opel. And when Constantine the Great chose Istanbul for the capital of the Roman Empire, the historical peninsula, the center of Istanbul. The emperor of the Roman Empire saw the beauty and importance of the city. If you to what Konstantin want to see the Great saw, there are holiday homes and hotels for sale in Istanbul.

The seven hills of Istanbul have several buildings or historic buildings religious. 

The first hill where the first settlement was established directly in 600 BC, is the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. The second hill is the Grand Bazaar and the Column of Constantine. On the third hill of the main building of Istanbul University and Suleymaniye Mosque is located. The hill outside is where the Holy Mosque, formerly the Church of the Holy Apostles, can be found. The fifth hill Yavuz Selim Mosque can be seen. The sixth and seventh hill do not have specific historical monuments. But it is worth to visit and to see in the area.

The historical peninsula or the seven hills of Istanbul is just a small part of the city. This area has 9000 years of human habitation. It served as the capital of the greatest empires of all time. He now serves Turkey education, the economy, tourism and the center of social life

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