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Dubai, The City As You Have Never Seen Before

Dubai is one of the most exciting cities in the entire Middle East Asia considered. 

It was almost 50 years ago, when Dubai was still a small town fishing village on the edge of the desert. Today Dubai has become an ultra-modern city with more than two million inhabitants. Dubai is the UAE in the middle of the west coast.

Cultural Aspect

The city is rich in traditional Arab culture with Western influences. The city attracts many people from all corners of the world. They are all chasing their dream of Dubai. Ramada is the annual Muslim festival involves sacrifice and worship. Dubai has its roots in his religion. There are beautiful mosques scattered throughout the city. You should make sure to visit them. It should, however, remember to dress appropriately. People in Dubai are very warm and hospitable, and they will enjoy their warmth and friendliness.

Places to visit

Marhaba is the Dubai International Airport. Marhaba means "Welcome". Marhaba offers a quick and easy passage through the city. The city lies between the desert and the sea. To get an extraordinary experience, a helicopter tour is a must. Flying between the towering skyscrapers is an incredible experience.

The Burj Dubai is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It has a length of 828 meters. At the bottom of the tomb, visitors can go up to have a look to enjoy the views.

Dubai people love sports.

I am especially interested in equestrian sports. Most countries do sports Polo, but Dubai is known for Camel Polo Polo traditional Arabic touches.

Located in the center of Dubai Sukhar Bahai is an old market for shopping. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world, with more than 1200 stores.
Business Sites

In the heart of the city, two districts, each find with its own special character. On the one hand, the downtime is with all its iconic side and on the other side is the commercial center of the city City DIFC. The modern architecture of the area attracts the spirit of the imagination of the visitor. The city is dedicated to all financial institutions, including a large art gallery and restaurants with big names and big brands. There are many investment opportunities of companies in the country. Construction, food and snacks, oil and gas, security, transport and tourism are the first six divisions contributed a large proportion of the country's economy. Commerce thriving food universally worldwide. And Dubai is no exception to this fact. It has always been a strong demand for food and snack industry. Along with this, the packing companies have recorded in Dubai moderate growth in recent years.

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