Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015

A Short Trip to Paradise!

At first glance, the city of La Ceiba seems rather ordinary. 

A typical Latin American coastal cities, as has seen his best days in the course of time the capital of the original banana republic 50 years ago. But the days when ships come into port with goods from all over the world and have left with their holds full of bananas and other fruits in the world; when the railways where the primary source of transportation within the department of Atlantida and to the rest of Honduras are a thing of the past. It is no longer a Banana Republic Honduras and La Ceiba, is therefore not the capital of this agricultural republic! The city lies between the Caribbean coast and rugged mountains Nombre de Dios, and affirms its transition from the capital of banana republic, to now have managed ecotourism capital of Honduras.
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In the quest to find out how true this statement on the ecotourism capital of Honduras is really

Did I take the set Cangrejal River Valley. In this way, I'm told, it was built in the past to go bananas over the mountains and in the Aguan Valley, where there are still banana plantations. Today the road is not going as far as the Valley of Aguan, but will take you to what apparently the best destination for adventure and nature La Ceiba, and for that matter, Honduras.

At first, they are quite indifferent; the bridge on the River Cangrejal no river that is particularly unique and attractive show. Following the road, the landscape is not particularly special or, as I go through a part of a district anonymous; However, after a short drive one mile from the junction, the landscape suddenly much more attractive. Although the river is still impressive, the mountains that are part of the National Park Pico Bonito in the form are truly beautiful and inspiring. The journey continues through what is fast an awesome trip, and all had a few miles with one hand, from the center of La Ceiba! Almost like a symphony only building a crescendo, the view is more and more challenging: the lush tropical rainforests on both sides of the river Cangrejal, which now appears as a beautiful clear blue-green river, the size of the rocks flowing through huge building , creating the perfect backdrop for white water rafting and kayaking ... Maybe this really is only a short drive to paradise! As I continued down the street, they are pleasantly surprised that up to 10 different B & Bs, hotels and boutique B & B in 6 or 7 miles from the center of La Ceiba! A beautiful "Indiana Jones" style suspension bridge leads me through a span of 400 feet above the river Cangrejal in a tropical forest full of trails in the direction of a spectacular 200-foot waterfall crashing on the cliffs of Pico Bonito Park on the way to the river Cangrejal far below, I am impressed by its beauty! I threw all doubts about La Ceiba, where the ecotourism capital of Honduras. Heck, this should be the capital of ecotourism in Central America! I never thought I could do a short drive to a paradise really find it! It 'time to find the ideal Boutique Bed & Breakfast, a couple of days to explore this unique paradise!

My plan was to the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila that are close by to visit, but you can expect, because now is the time to enjoy the rainforest, relax in nature, and have some hiking and rafting adventure!

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