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Fiji Bula Spirit

Two weeks of Fiji Bula spirit had left his impression on me in the year 1999th

Now, with a baby in tow, there was reason to Bua 3 Party was long tied to an unforgettable week, before Christmas, family holiday. Even so, this was new territory.

For this trip, unlike my first to figure it out as we went and backpacker accommodation in a thatched hut basic (Bure) was not going to cut it. We had to meet the needs of a child 9 months now with services such as a crib, a simple kitchen and, at least, a fan in the top of our wish list factor.

Some work would be required, after much careful research and calls online from Bec, was finally settled. We would be only 4 km from Nadi International Airport to Club Fiji Resort.

Now we just need to get there, I said, secretly for fear of the great unknown to have to fly with a child. But a combination of bottle feeding at the right time and a small dose of Phenergan made our initial fears of equalization problems and the possible whims of a point mute and Kaia its first test with flying colors. If just browsing through customs and immigration glacier movement line in Nadi it could have shown the easy half.

But in the end, we would have, and you will find our driver patiently waiting for us to chauffeur us to our home for the next week. All located within a few hundred meters from the main road of the island along a dirt road in bad need of a classification, we were to find happy manicured Club Fiji, directly on the sea and palm fringed oasis like the pictures on TripAdvisor portrays Advisor.

Everything you needed was a selection of our march and, in less time than it takes to make a cup full of kava and clap three times, we were settled quickly. For our daily routine of a delicious breakfast, the time, the water, nap on the shore Father, walks along the beach, traveling bus tour buses local pool and lots of happy hour before dinner. All interspersed, of course, with feedings for Kaia and especially the achievement endless supply of Kaia bottles for the next series of power supplies cooked by a staff member, in particular, he could not do enough for us.

Smile Annie was as big as it was genuine and has taken and doted on them a special interest Kaia every morning at breakfast with hugs and kisses and presses on the cheek and, like Dad, which parts more. There is a degree of kindness and affection that we would follow all of our time in Fiji, as if we put on a fast ferry to the South Seas island in attack, to spend Christmas, no longer.

I worked in the tourism industry long enough to know that, no matter how unique and exotic your office, there are times when it's still just that-a job. Especially on major holidays when, to be honest, as with friends and family would be your first choice. E 'in these times in which keep the sincere smile on the spot is tougher.

But apparently did not get the crew here at South Seas island that memo. "My family all get together in the afternoon", a shirt decorated Bula dependent island assured me with a big smile, he suggested nonchalantly like exactly where he was, thank you very much.

And why not? Actually, he did not get more perfect postcard of the stack Minute coral punch their time cards are available in the middle of a turquoise South Pacific. It's just a job "" very well been his, "but it was the one who definitely seemed to relish, and it was an attitude that of most of his colleagues and one that helped the benchmark hospitality to another level divided.

Finally, Fiji with Kaia has up to the fact that traveling with a small child has raised its own unique set of rewards. Awards in the form of a policy of "open heart", make the trip worthwhile with respect to the unimaginable parenterally mackerel.
But then, I should have known better been there once before. It is spirit Bula for a reason.

And this spirit, along with Kaia the way, probably spoiled me ... although, I'd be lying if I did not admit that we intend to test the theory.

On the surface with small children will overcome a mountain of obstacles. But sometimes, especially when the Fiji Bula spirit is a part of the image, such trips open your eyes to a different world to travel entertainment.

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