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Dambulla Cave Temple

Sri Lanka is an important Buddhist center. 

The pear-shaped island claiming to be a home to several holy places of Buddhist pilgrimage. An important Buddhist center is attraction dominant Buddhist Sri Lanka in the "Temple of the Tooth. The island is a starting point to discover the fantastic journey of redemption. Lives some glorious Buddhist sites with different temples along the coast., The temples reflect, however, the Buddhist influence . These sites not only to the importance of tourism in the country, but also add beauty to the brightness of the surroundings. It is a place where you can rest amidst the natural environment of the primary Buddhist sites to experience. With such importance that an ideal place , claiming to be to achieve the inner happiness and peaceful mind. The island is among the list of those enchanting destinations in the world, home to the spiritual aura. Cerne is the person of the modern chaos and has some adventure in the natural splendor.

Dambulla cave temple is the most important goal of the island

Which contributes significantly to its tourism. There are several temples on the island that are unique in their own individual way, but the Golden Temple is unique. It is a place where people take comfort in the pious atmosphere. The people to awaken their spirituality here, to make them more courage to the challenges of life and show off a positive life. E 'was 22 centuries, the temple is an important Buddhist pilgrimage town standing as well as Hindus. The temple dates from the first century and has since served as a center of pilgrimage for tourists as well as locals.

The temple complex covers a cave monastery, which is believed to be the abode of the Buddhist monks. The cave is elegantly decorated with fascinating frescoes dating back 2000 years covered and the life and times of Buddha. The temple sanctuary is decorated with over 157 Buddha statues in size and provides several variables. Among all the statues, is the most fascinating of 15m reclining Buddha that looks perfectly against the colorful frescoes on the walls and the ceiling, so this is. The largest painted area of ​​the ancient world And "there is about 100 m above the plane and it can be prepared by one step in a series of steps to achieve. You may also find the rock fortress of Sigiriya top of the steps.

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