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Arts and Tourism in Florence

Florence with his only vocation for art and tourism 

With millions of visitors who come every year from all over the world to admire its artistic beauty, has once again become one of the cities in Europe, expressed with the most representative one culture for centuries by the excellence of human thought and work. Florence since the Middle Ages, which sought to distinguish itself from other cities in this period, despite the many difficulties of the moment, the people of Florence, in a position to be the perfect place for inspiration to the artists whose work the views of the whole give to establish civilization.

Giotto, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Vasari, and many others have supported by the wealth at that time. Could spend the rulers of Florence rich, gave birth to masterpieces of scale to make this city under the name of Renaissance famous throughout the world.Huge monuments such as the cathedral with its dome which Brunelleschi achieved so revolutionary that it is still being investigated by experts. From the manner in which the dome is able without other support structures are fascinated.
Painting masterpieces as Botticelli's Birth of Venus, a painting now in the Uffizi Gallery, which is the Italian Renaissance paintings as one of the icons, as well as a universal ideal of feminine beauty.

Sculptures immortal as Michelangelo's David, symbolizing the "Expo 2015, which is also a period of transition was apart from being a unique example of sculpture artistic excellence is chosen from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. This value is to be applied in facial expression that Michelangelo David is designed to highlight a particularly expressive face, evidence of a new historic course. The Renaissance, which is to emphasize the power of the spirit serve as a guide, past the medieval concept that just emphasize the physical gesture.

These masterpieces are just some of the delights that can be found in this city

They also have to "World Heritage Site for its high concentration of artistic works that are in the old town has been recognized. This feature allows tourists to admire all these beauties on foot, as if you were in an open air museum. The city of Florence today next to the incredible artistic heritage of the past, it also has an excellent accommodation, although very varied between hotels, bed & breakfast, holiday homes, rooms, etc., can meet the diverse needs of the many tourists to meet in Florence , Apart from these, the city has on its territory a large number of restaurants, taverns, Sandwich, vinaini and local food of various kinds, the daily food and a range of prices.

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